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We are so blessed to have such support. We can’t thank you enough for your donations and coming out to walk with us! Brooklyn made a full loop which amazed us all, especially those who trained with her!!! We had support all along the way with friends by her side and a chair in waiting. We kept a remarkably quick pace though our teammate, Ashley, on crutches, was quite the speedster!

Of the entire day, Brooklyn’s two comments that stand out were: “I don’t want this day to end” and, when asked how she felt about the day, “overwhelmed.” We so appreciate the donations and texts and photos from everyone during the day and all those who came to the event. We are, indeed, overwhelmed with your love!!!

Thank you for a wonderful day we will never forget! And, if you are willing, we hope to make it an annual keep those tees!!!!


Brooklyn Bombers blow up lung cancer!


Elaine dedicated her medal to Cori which was very special to Cori. Elaine told Cori she inspired her and she trained and visualized giving her medal to Cori. What an honor!

Our lone runner who won the whole race! Congratulations Elaine!!! And our MD won, too!!

Jokesters in the back!!!

Go Team!

Our lone team runner amongst our many team walkers!

Cori and Bonnie: two beautiful women!!!

Pocket people!

Serious walkers! They walked more later that day!!!

East Coast in the house!

Great support!!!

Great support!!!

Getting ready...

Pre-walk chatter

What a day!!! Lil B (aka Brooklyn) was our youngest teammate and Flipper (aka Ava) ran her first 5k! What a great family to come out and support us!!!


Hi All - We’ve just been informed that because we’ve done so well in our fundraising that we have our own tent for everyone who is registered to pick up their shirts and numbers when they check-in. So look for the Brooklyn Bombers tent and bring a chair to hang out with the maestro (Big Brooklyn - we have a Lil Brooklyn coming, too)! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to wiping out lung cancer!!!!!


Our new photo: Brooklyn’s son, Jim and his family in our walk tees!


We have had some setbacks in our walking for the past few days. Immunotherapy is getting the best of Cori’s energy so we’ve been taking it easy. We did get out in the golf cart today to tool around the ‘hood. Cori is tired of being indoors but will have a few more days of it with the wet weather. Our kind brothers, Jack and Wayne, brought over a fabulous dinner tonight! We are so lucky for all of the many kindnesses everyone on our team consistently show us!!!


We did our two square block walk tonight before our friend, Angela, brought dinner over. She was the first to sign up so it is only appropriate she is the first to receive the team t-shirts we got in today! Please stop by and pick yours up before the walk. I just can’t coordinate another thing! did a great job and they came early. We love the color; we will stand out!!!


It’s been a few days since our last post but we have been steadily walking. Today a quarter mile, yesterday a half mile working on our stamina. Slow and steady is our pace. Tomorrow is a busy doctor day so we likely won’t get a walk in. Our friend Sheila is here so Cori has to pace herself to get through a very long day with three afternoon appointments, including immunotherapy #2. Fingers crossed it is doing its job!!!


I’ll post our team photo after the 30th!

The photo above is Cori and I at the Foundation Appreciation dinner with our table and some other great supporters. We had a great table. From the back is caregiver, Tim on the left then Gina and Katie from the Foundation who put coordinate all of this giving to support people with Lung cancer. Also, they are Italian so you know....then is Katie’s dad, Chuck. How awesome is that support? In front are Laura, a co-worker of mine, and on the far right is Paulette, another great caregiver. We learned a lot, had great support and conversation about Italians and their food, of course!


Last night's dinner was really fun! We got to meet some folks from the Foundation that this run supports, some caregivers and survivors. We found out that the starting/ending point of the race is at Sutterville and Freeport. They will have bottled water and some fruit and snacks. We get to take a team photo in our team shirts (more to come on that). And, bonus, we skipped our walk yesterday but put in a whopping .66 miles today! We also found out that the walk is 2 laps which made us feel way more comfortable!!! So, good day all the way around!!!


Tonight we are going to the Team Captain / Survivor dinner to meet the organizers and, hopefully, find out more information. So, we are considering this a rest day from our "training"! That's justifiable, right? Hope ya'll are doing well with your training!


I am happy to report that Cori and I walked the hood with our witness protection friends (WPs) a whopping .4 miles yesterday and today. Yes, get your glasses out there is a decimal there! We are excited, though, because it is our farthest walk to date. We were happy to walk into Claire and Steve putting in the miles, too! One of these days we will get to walk with you two!!!! I also wanted to share that we ordered our team t-shirts today. I’m hoping to post a picture here soon and plan a pickup party for walkers to pickup their shirts in advance. If you are walking and we haven’t talked send me an email with your shirt size. I think I can make changes up until Friday, March 15th.


We are just astounded at all the love and support we are receiving in this journey! I am happy to say we made it to the gym today! We got to chat with Cori’s godkids, Gina, Adam, and Natalie who have always been in her corner, as well as Sam, Judy, and Emily - new friends we found through our new neighborhood that we now find we can’t live without! And old friends who are leaving us for an insanely cold climate...I’d mention their names but they are in witness protection for a very good reason if you have ever ridden with one of them! Each of whom, along with all of you, who has helped us through this “snafu” as Cori calls it. Every day is a gift to know each of you!!!


Today was a lazy day spent at home. Theoretically, we were resting up for wine tasting but, unbeknownst to us, trouble was afoot and our friends had 2x bad news to keep us from tomorrows fun ;*( Our hearts go out to our brother, Chuck, and his friends at this time. And to Steph’s dad, there are easier ways to avoid seeing us :*) Get better soon!!!


We are back in the saddle two days running. Went to the gym yesterday and today. We started both days on the treadmill and ended on the bike going farther on each than the previous day. Not really sure how far we went but just happy we made it there! Our short term goal is to be able to walk around Sunday at a wine tasting event without anyone thinking Cori is toasted :*)


Immunotherapy ain't no joke. Even though our minds were willing Brooklyn's body had other ideas so we opted out of walking today. Maybe it was the rain, maybe we should have called ourselves the Brooklyn Banana Slugs, who knows? Tomorrow should be better weather so we will hope to continue our walking then. We saw Claire and Steve walking in the cold yesterday. Good on ya! Let us know what ya'll are doing to get ready!!!


We had our first immunotherapy today so didn't want to go out in the rain. We will try for the gym tomorrow. Wish us luck! And Happy Birthday, Hudson!!!


Still on our walking campaign. We made it .55 miles around the 'hood with a break at the halfway point with our friends, Jersey and Hudson! We did a good pace, though so shooting for .75 tomorrow. Wish us luck and thank you all for your generous contributions and support! Bombs away!!!


Today we walked around the ‘hood with our friend, Jack. We pushed a bit too far and went .88 miles. Maybe we’ll try .75 tomorrow but we feel really good that we beat our previous distance! Thanks, Jack!!!


We were gone all day today getting our nails done, then out to lunch for our friend’s birthday and then grocery shopping so that was enough of a work out today. Tomorrow we will walk the hood and see how far we get. We are going for over .25 miles. Hopefully, today’s activities helped!! And what a surprise to come home and have more of our friends and family showing their support! We are having fun watching our team grow. And, not that we are competitive or anything but we are #3 on the Team Board!!! Thank you team!!!


Yikes....ya'll are too kind in your donations!!! Thank you for pushing us even higher!!!

We met our goal on the same day we sent out our emails! So, of course, we need to reach new heights! Thanks to all our contributors and walkers!!!! You are instrumental in our health and happiness!!!! Lots of love, Brooklyn and Bunny

Today was our first gym day to prepare for the walk. We did .25 miles on the treadmill...pretty good for day 1! We also spent a couple minutes on the rowing machine and on the stationary bike; not that they will help us on the 30th! We finally figured out how to send an email to our friends and family so hopefully you will all see this ;*) Happy Friday the 1st! 29 days to go!


Cori, aka Brooklyn, has decided to try this 5k walk to raise money for lung cancer. We are going to work every day to help her achieve this goal on a physical level. We are inviting everyone who has assisted Cori in her fight to join us on this walk to help fight this disease. The Brooklyn Bombers are going to wipe out lung cancer! Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor!

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